Sprout foliage detail

01. Context

Sprout is a boutique garden and housewares store with locations in Chicago and Brooklyn. My task was to reimagine its website from the ground up, and establish the core of the brand's digital identity.

Although a full research cycle was beyond our scope, I wanted to ensure that I delivered a well-differentiated identity that reflected the target audience's needs. I spoke with avid gardeners to understand how gardening and interior design fit into their lives, surveyed the competitive landscale, and tried to identify where current offerings were falling short. I realized that despite the strong modernist and architecturally driven visual identity that so many Chicagoans held dear, most of the home garden stores in the area were positioned as rustic and traditional. This was a key opportunity for Sprout.

02. Visual Reference

A central source for inspiration for the brand's color palette and form was a collection of photos I took on a visit to the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Visual identity inspiration: Garfield Park Conservatory interior Visual identity inspiration: branch with thorns Visual identity inspiration: succulent with spines Visual identity inspiration: underside of leaf with parallel lines Visual identity inspiration: Succulent macro photograph Visual identity inspiration: brightly colored leaves

03. Design System

I used element collages as an intermediary between abstract look and feel goals and page-specific screen comps. This approach facilitated rapid ideation and exploration. It helped me explore a wide range of options without having to update a large number of screens or focus too intently on specific breakpoints.

Sprout homepage design

04. Collateral

Sprout homepage design
Sprout product page design